Highlights of my Career


(1990) Nostalgic old times. This is where my professional electronics career began. I worked as an Assembly and Calibration technician in HeathKit’s dealer in Uruguay while beginning my studies.

At the PCB component level I used to assemble, solder and calibrate:  Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Packet Radio, LCD meters, HV meters, Function Generators, Weather Stations, etc









(1991) During a trip to Santa Rosa, a small town near San Francisco, (CA) I was lucky enough to meet an HP engineer who kindly invited me for lunch at the plant; in the outskirts of the city. He gave me a full tour of the facility and introduced me to his fellow colleagues. This had a deep impact on my future and career. (Thanks John Harmon  and wife).


(1995) After 1 year of joining IBM as a Field Engineer I was offered the position of Chief of the PC Hardware Department.


(1997) Project Managed the Access Control systems in Zonamerica, one of the most High Tech Free Zones in South America (IBM).





(1997) I started producing MIDI cables as a hobby and entrepreneur for the country’s largest music retailers from my home garage.



(1998) I applied for my first patent, inspired by the film “Back to the Future”and then produced a working prototype. Years later NIKE would patent a very similar model.


  MicroZone_II_Hardware_Specifications         mz2

Around the years 2001 I helped to decode the communications protocol from the MZII PLC to the PC which allowed the company to develop a SCADA type of GUI (windows based). This was my first Reverse Engineering experience (Domotec Uruguay).


(2002) I joined the ERI (Electricity, Radio and Instruments) department at PLUNA- VARIG, working with Boeing airplanes.


(2004) I’m part of the first Sabre Generation in Uruguay. I trained the first Sabre Scribe support team.


(2005) Joined an RFID startup in Dubai (Tagstone) as a Technical Manager (later I was promoted to Engineering Director).

DHL 001

(2005) Implemented a pilot RFID Industrial Smart Shelf for DHL.Cool real time inventory !




(2005) My 2nd mathematical curiosity is published in MathWorld Encyclopedia, based on a research I started 10 years back, which was forgotten below a pile of papers for so long.


(2005) First RFID certification with Intermec (Reading, UK). In the following years I would get 3 more (Savi, Aeroscout and Axcess)


(2006-2007) My second Patent as a co-author is filed in US.


(2007) First RFID Kids tracking application in the Middle East (The Avenues Kuwait). We implemented a landmark project in the retail arena.


savi            savi2

(2007) We implemented Container Tracking infrastructure in Pakistan for Savi Technologies and it’s US government customer.


Eng. Pablo Olivera at Police Headquarters

(2008) We implemented an RFID and Biometrics R&D project for Dubai Police.


Watch this video on YouTube.

Weapon Cabinet solutions were presented to the region’s armed  and civil forces

Watch this video on YouTube.

(2007) The best RFID booth in Gitex 2007 with 13 interactive applications we designed with the team. Oracle sent us an email congratulating us for the best Technology Partner booth.


(2008) We implemented the first RFID Emergency Evacuation System in the Middle East for ZADCO in Abu Dhabi (Upper Zakum, offshore).



(2010) Regional Technical Manager (MEA) at GE Security / UTC

ndia 1

(2011) Supported the security deployment in one of the phases of the New Doha International Airport (by the contractor Thales (France)).



(2012) Collaborating member of a prestigious team of Scientists, Engineers and Inventors under the guidance of Dr. Aya Seike (Japan), where we write solution reports on new products and inventions the market will use in 5 years.

(2013) I continue to work with Dr. Seike in amazing technologies and products and I’m also an independent Technology Consultant.

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