I can SEE the Future – Beyond Google Glasses

Watch this video on YouTube.

Have you ever met someone at a party or business venue and wished you could Google him/her up right away to have a better leverage in your conversation ? Well…it’s coming.

As a member of an innovation team lead by Dr. Seike (Japan), I’m exposed to High Tech on a daily basis. Therefore, I don’t get easily impressed with new technologies and have a good sense of upcoming trends.

By now, I guess everyone has heard about Google Glasses and that they are currently being distributed to selected contest winners in US.

I believe this technology will positively evolve exponentially and the fiction video I have attached below, will very soon be part of our daily lives. As a matter of fact, I would risk to say that nearly all the fancy features shown in the movie are technically possible today (not yet the eye implant display).

The video shows a type of embedded eye implant display which does not require to wear glasses anymore. This will probably be the next trend for future Google Glasses.




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